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How much does it cost to hire a bodyguard?

How much does a Bodyguard cost?

19 November 2019 | Close Protection

Virginie Roux asks: How much does it cost to hire a Bodyguard or a team of Bodyguards? What affects the prices? Are there other associated costs?

Guide to Islamic culture for travellers

Guide to Islamic culture for travellers

19 October 2019 | Travel Risk

It can be difficult for visitors to Islamic countries to understand local laws and customs. In this article with give tips and advice on Islamic culture for travellers.

Drones: useful tools, toys or weapons?

Footballers: a duty of care

14 August 2019 | Close Protection

Professional footballers are getting targeted by both organised criminal and opportune thieves. Are these young professionals being let down by their clubs? Where is the duty of care?

Drones: useful tools, toys or weapons?

The attempted kidnap of HRH Princess Anne

08 August 2019 | Close Protection

On the evening of the 20th March 1974, in London, England, Ian Ball set off to kidnap HRH Princess Anne. He failed in his kidnap attempt, but only just.

Drones: useful tools, toys or weapons?

Drones: useful tools, toys or weapons?

08 Jul 2019 | Close Protection

Is society ready to deal with the possible security ramifications of drone technology? We look at the rise of this technology, the threats, and how it is policed globally.

Should you hire security for your Wedding?

Should you hire security for your Wedding?

03 Jul 2019 | Close Protection

More and more people are hiring security for their wedding over concerns of unwanted guests, gatecrashers and theft. Wedding security is no longer just for Society and Celebrity Weddings.

How safe is the Hajj Pilgrimage

How safe is the Hajj Pilgrimage

25 Jun 2019 | Travel Risk

Security travel advice for those taking part in the Hajj Pilgrimage. The Hajj is the largest religious festival in the world and it sees visitors from across the globe performing the Hajj Pilgrimage.

Was MP Mark Field right in taking action against protester?

Was MP Mark Field Right Taking Action?

22 Jun 2019 | Close Protection

British Member of Parliament, Mark Field took physical action ejecting an intruder from a private dinner in London. Was he right to act, what were the failings and what can we learn?

Insider Threat Mitigation

Insider Threat Mitigation

Insider Threat actors can bring a firm to its knees with the leaking of sensitive corporate or personal information. What can firms really do to mitigate Insider Threats?

Protecting a Business Against Terrorism

Protecting your Business Against Terror Attacks

Continuity planning is vital for every business, but for business who might be at a higher risk from terrorism, how can they prepare their staff and maintain the duty of care?

Armed Bodyguards UK

Can you hire Armed Bodyguards in the UK?

24 Jan 2019 | Close Protection

Many VIPs visit the UK and enquire about armed security. Virginie Roux looks into the use of firearms in Close Protection in the UK, what is possible, what is not.

Bodyguard Series

The BBC Series Bodyguard

6 Nov 2018 | Close Protection

The series Bodyguard was a major sucess of the BBC that had viewers gripped from start to finish, but, what did the police and industry insiders think of the series?

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